About the Firm




When one of our solicitors works on your case, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, which means you can expect an efficient service at a reasonable price. It also means that we regularly update you and push as hard as we can on your behalf to gain the result that you want.


We pride ourselves in using down to earth language and common sense. If you have a problem, we concentrate on solving that problem rather than obsessing over any minor obstacles that might be in the way.

The firm was started by Gareth Lewis a solicitor specialising in Personal injury, the firm has grown to serve the community in the local area and we are now providing a range of services for both private and commercial clients.


Problem Solving

We know that people often instruct solicitors because they're frustrated about dealing with a legal matter themselves. They either don't have the time to deal with it or they feel out of their depth. Sometimes the matter is so important to them that it's not possible to be completely objective.


We explain the legal issues in common sense language and find the most practical way to deal with your problem. We won't bog you down with terminology or paperwork, and we won't waste your precious time. Where possible, we look to agree fixed fees for legal work, so you don't have to worry about escalating costs.

Protecting Clients

If you instruct G Lewis and Co, Solicitors on your case, you are not simply instructing a solicitor but also obtaining the assistance of the organisations that work alongside us. We work extensively with different bodies like the Probate Service, medical agencies, translators, barristers, doctors, the County Court service, local councils, local businessmen and the Ministry of Justice. 


We use our knowledge, experience and contacts to protect our clients and to represent them as best we can.


In addition, when you use us, you are covered by our insurance up to 3 million pounds if anything goes wrong. We are also covered by a legal ombudsman and our own rules of conduct. If you use a non-solicitor or unregulated legal adviser, you do not have this protection, so it is important you are careful when you choose your representative.

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