Civil Litigation

G Lewis and Co Solicitors offers a full range of civil litigation services. We can handle a wide range of disputes and we can provide practical and specialist advice with the aim of resolving your dispute quickly and cost-effectively. Wherever possible, we always seek to settle disputes by correspondence or negotiation so that you obtain the best result at the cheapest possible method.

Where possible we can agree fixed fees in relation to certain types of cases, however litigation can be complex and so in these cases we charge hourly rates in accordance with the current guidelines. We will appraise your case and advise you accordingly.


If court action is necessary, we will keep you informed and progress your case both diligently and efficiently. We have a high success rate in general litigation and considerable expertise in a number of niche areas of law. 


Money Claims &
Property Claims

We can commence (or defend) a claim on your behalf for money owed to you or handle any property disputes you may have. Where possible we look to do this on no win no fee agreement so that no money is payable up front.


Some of the areas in which we can provide advice are:


1. Debt collection for payment of unpaid invoices or contract sums;

2. Accounting for profits due to trademark infringement;

3. Claiming damages for losses due to contract disputes;

4. Obtaining restitution, for example: return of a deposit or loan payment or PPI or wrongfully retained rent deposits.

5. Landlord and Tenant disputes, service charge disputes, nuisance or injunctions.

6. Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence actions to recover financial loss

Consumer Claims

We are experienced in protecting consumers to ensure that you are able to enforce your rights. Most of the claims we run in this area are from people who have attempted to discuss and negotiate their problem with a large company but have been denied any kind of compensation or misled as to what the law is in the area.


Some of the areas in which we can provide advice are:


1. Claims under the consolidated Consumer Rights Act 2015;

2. Actions in which you have been injured by have purchased a defective product;

3. Misrepresentation, fraud, duress or breach of contract;

Professional Negligence

Taking on a professional who has damaged your reputation or mishandled your claim is intimidating. The complaints procedure often feels weighted towards the negligent party rather than the innocent victim. That's where G Lewis and Co, Solicitors can step in and make sure your claim is run efficiently and aggressively. We will also consider whether to take on your case on a no win no fee so that you do not have to pay anything up front.

Our litigation lawyers can assist you with:

1. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case;

2. Providing you with an up front valuation of your case;

3.Starting proceedings against the negligent professional, issuing the claim form and particulars of claim at court;

4. Negotiating a settlement with the Defendant's solicitors where possible;

5. Preparing the evidence , witness statements and briefing counsel;

6. Advocacy and Representation at court.

General Advisory Service

We appreciate that some clients simply cannot afford to pay a lawyer on an hourly rate. While we are happy to take on suitable cases on a no win no fee arrangement, some people just simply want to know the fixed costs involved and an honest evaluation of their case. 


We therefore offer a general advisory service from £50 (dependent on documentation)for those people who require one off assistance or advice, rather than a full time lawyer working on their case.


We are driven by obtaining the best outcome for our clients, so we will always provide you with an honest appraisal as to whether we believe your case is strong enough to win in court. 

Contact us today to arrange a consultation or if you have documentation to be reviewed, for a bespoke fee. 

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