Clinical Negligence​

If you have been injured as a result of negligence by a doctor or a consultant, you are entitled to make a claim. 


We act on small, medium and large cases, we can act on a no-win no fee basis so that the client is protected against costs at all times. Our aim is to get you the support you need and the compensation you deserve.


If you would like to contact us to discuss your situation, please call us on 01582 486429. We guarantee you a 30 minute appointment with no commitment, and if at the end of the interview you decide you do not want to proceed, there are no charges.



Have you been injured
as a result of clinical

Where the injury or death was caused or contributed to by the breach of a duty of care committed in the course of the provision of clinical or medical services, including dental or nursing services, you and/or your child may be entitled to financial compensation for what is termed clinical negligence, also known medical negligence.


A claim against a medical professional for injuries arising out of a medical accident is completely different from a claim for personal injuries caused in, say, a road traffic accident. In the traffic cases it is usually straightforward to establish whether or not somebody was at fault and whether any injuries were suffered as a result. But to succeed in a clinical negligence claim you must prove, through the evidence of medical experts qualified in the speciality concerned, that, on a balance of probabilities (ie, it was more probable than not)


(1) that there were serious errors in your medical treatment

which no competent doctor would have made (the "best practice" test); and


(2) that those errors caused, or materially contributed to, the injury you suffered.


If you know, or suspect, this is the case, you probably have a claim.

Do you need a solicitor
to act for you?

The short answer is "yes".

Unlike many parts of the law where an intelligent layperson can do much of the work themselves, clinical negligence claims require extensive knowledge of the area of law, the resources to take on a large corporation or organization, and a team of professionals (solicitors, barristers, medical staff) to support the claim. We bring this to the table, as well as a high success rate in the claims we have brought against the NHS, private doctors, plastic surgeons, etc.


This should not however make you intimidated. We make sure that we explain to you at every step of the claim, in clear and simple language, what we are doing on your behalf.


We are here to protect the public against negligent doctors and consultants. We take this role very seriously.



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