Finding a solicitor who understands immigration law and can argue your case effectively provides an applicant the best chance of a positive decision. We have considerable experience in obtaining visas from both outside and inside the UK, human rights claims, regularizing overstayers, appeals against the Secretary of State for the Home Department against refusal decisions, potential removal and deportation, and Judicial Review where procedural impropriety is identified.


We have solicitors who speak Urdu, Punjabi and Mirpuri. In addition, we can arrange interpreters for other languages on sufficient notice (subject to cost).


We believe in transparent pricing for immigration. We set out our price list below. This is a rough guide and we reserve the right to quote a higher price if the work needs to be done urgently or is complicated, but most cases fall within this price guide.


We normally provide a first interview FREE OF CHARGE. We believe this is the best way to establish trust between ourselves and our clients before we perform any work on their behalf. Contact us at 01582 486429 to discuss your immigration needs.

Immigration Price List 1

Prices from:


Entry Clearance Applications (lodged abroad at the British Embassy) Spouse / unmarried partner / fiancé(e): £650.00


Same Sex/Civil Partnership visas: £650.00


EEA Family Permit: £650.00


Visitors visas: £200.00


Specials visit visas: (marriage visitor, student visitor, entertainers…) £550.00


Dependent children under 18 years old: £450.00


Settlement Applications for Dependant Adult Relatives: £1500.00


Dependant Relatives: £1500.00

Tier 1 Entrepreneur: £1500.00

Tier 2 Investor: £1500.00

Tier 2 General (Work Permit): £950.00

Tier 4 General/Child Student: £500.00

Tier PBS Dependant (all Tiers): £950.00

Immigration Price List 2

Prices from:


Family Member’s Extension for Leave to Remain in the UK as a Spouse: £600.00


Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, on completion of spouse visa: £600.00


Rights to Access by a parent for a British/ILR status Child: £1200.00


7 Year Rule for children in the UK: £1200.00


Applications for Leave to Remain application under Human Rights, Article 8 ECHR 1998: £1200.00


Discretionary Leave (Overstayers): £1250.00

Compassionate Circumstances (Human Rights): £1250.00


Immigration Appeals:


There is no one size fits all, so we will assess your case and the work required so you don't have to pay more than needed. Please arrange an appointment for an accurate assessment. 

Immigration Price List 3​

Prices from:


Leave to Remain after 20 years unlawful and/or lawful stay in the UK (Long Residence): £950.00


Immigration Detention Temporary Admission/CIO bail at Airport: £550.00


Temporary Admission/CIO bail at Detention Centre: £550.00


Judicial Review: £3300.00


British Nationality/ Registration of Children/British Citizenship: £750.00


Naturalisation as a British Citizen (Adult): £750.00


Applications (In-Country) Indefinite Leave to Remain (Tier PBS route): £950.00


Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): £1500.00

Tier 1 (Investor): £1500.00

Tier 2 (Sponsor Licence application): £1000

Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship: £500.00

Tier 4 (Students): £950.00

Tier 5 (All Categories): £950.00


Indefinite Leave to Remain for PBS Dependants: £500.00


EEA/European Union Applications Workers' Registration Scheme: £550.00


Residence Document based on marriage to an EEA National: £950.00


Permanent Residence Application: £950.00

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