Personal Injury

We have acted successfully over the course of 15 years in accidents within a series of areas - work accidents, clinical negligence, trips and slips in shops or on the highway, and road traffic accidents.


Unlike a lot of solicitor firms, we are also experienced at taking disputed cases to court. We also have a history of taking over cases that other firms have dropped and successfully winning them.


The head of our personal injury department also answers questions about personal injury on the most successful personal injury forum on the internet, which can be found here. Contact us for a no strings attached discussion of your case at 01582 486429.

Helping You Fight Back

No-one wants to be injured.


We know that if someone makes a claim, it is usually because they've been injured through no fault of their own and have been forced financially into claiming, whether because of loss of earnings, loss of opportunities or even extra transport and care costs.  


We make sure that the negligent party pays up, whoever it might be. As an individual, large companies will not treat you seriously and insurance companies will not treat you fairly. Instructing a solicitor will make sure you are neither bullied or tricked into accepting a smaller settlement.

Helping You Recover

The road to recovery after an injury is often a long one. We look to support injured people in every way we can; that means in addition to running your claim, we also advise you on the kind of benefits you might be able to claim, look to obtain interim payments to cover any lost earnings, and provide you with details of useful organisations that may be able to help you recover.


In addition to your own medical treatment, we instruct an expert to provide a report on your symptoms and how long they believe it will take you to recover. This provides you with a "second opinion" concerning your condition.

National Coverage

Due to our long history in personal injury, we have built up a network of contacts across the country of medical agencies, doctors, barristers, court support workers and other solicitors; we use some of the top people in our field. This has allowed us to streamline the claims process.


This means that wherever you are in the country, we are able to run your claim. We make sure you see an expert in your area and if litigation is necessary, we use your local County Court.


We only use solicitors for personal injury work, not paralegals or legal executives. We are one of the few firms that guarantees a solicitor will be in control of your case from start to end.

No Win No Fee

We aim to reduce the anxiety of making a claim by making sure that the financial side of running the claim is sorted before we do any work on your case. We take no money up front and if we agree to run your case, we fund the case and take a fixed percentage of your damages at the end of the case to cover our costs and the risk. You do not pay anything unless we win your case - No Win No Fee. ​

We take your protection very seriously. Our job is to win the case for you and to help your recover, not to make you worry about "hidden costs". We do not start work on your case at all unless you are absolutely happy.


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